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Come Sail with Us!1

An exciting corporate outing awaits you at the Black Sea!

Setsail is a premier, well known sailing company based out of Limanu Marina. One of our primary focus is hosting a top-level sailing regatta, www.setsailblacksea.com, which attract hundreds of top level sailors from Romania and also other countries.

When SetSail doesn't have its eyes set on competition, the focus shifts to Corporate Sailing. We offer the Crew Outing where your team will engage in an afternoon theoretical sailing lesson at your office and after some theory, group races at the Black Sea. In addition, starting this year Setsail has teamed up with Cash Machine company, a company that facilitates high impact team building and leadership development programs. This partnership offers a new program that use the natural classroom of sailing to develop skills that are essential to a successful business environment. Sailing is the perfect activity to bring your employees, clients and even competitors, into a challenging yet fun environment.

" The 1st year organising Corporate Regatta in different marinas at the Black Sea, will provide our customers with an experience unlike any other. SetSail's first-rate instructors and friendly crew will train our diverse teams, racing like pro's, while spectators will enjoy the action with beverages and gourmet dining aboard pleasure vessels - or onshore."

Valentin Oeru - Managing Partner Setsail

Why sailing?2

The Perfect Sport for Team Building

  • Provides a unique, fun environment and is a new & exciting experience for participants
  • Crew members must work together and build trust in order to successfully maneuver the boat
  • Challenging situations arise which require thinking out of the box, acting on your toes, and managing changes
  • Effective communication and leadership skills essential for teams to attain goals set by professional facilitators
  • No previous experience is needed; sailing is accessible to all levels of athleticism and physicality

The Setup3

A Truly Unique Opportunity

We already invited companies form a lot of industries: Real Estate and Construction, Media and Advertising, IT, Retail, E-commerce, Banking, Automotive, FMCG, Health and Pharmacy, Energy, Legal, and may others, many of them already confirmed their participation. All the winners from every regatta (places 1,2,3) can attend the Corporate Regatta Masters at the end of 2018 sailing season. We have different types of boats, at least 10 boats participating in every event. Each sailboat has enough positions for up to 9-10 crew members, which includes driving the boat, pulling in the sails, and calling tactics. The boats can be racers or cruisers depending on the willing of every team; but ignoring the class all of them are fast and manoeuvrable yet handle with ease. While on the water, a coach will accompany each crew to supervise and provide help if necessary. Our coaching staff includes experienced racers who are all participating in the National Championship Of Romania or even in international sailing competitions.

Your Experience

Thrilling Sailing

Teams of 9-10 will control the fast and maneuverable sailboats. Each participant will have the opportunity to drive the boat, control the sails and make decisions on the course.

Professional Staff

We guarantee a friendly, respectful and hospitable facilitator. Each sailboat will have an experienced coach onboard. The Race Committee will organize the race on the water, and designate the winners. All of the Race Committee members are oficials with large national and international experience.

Exceptional Accommodations

All the marinas that will host the events will provide accommodation, in place or at a very sort distance, and also beautiful restaurants for post-sailing socializing, with great views to the sailboats and the sea.


Address: Setsail base is at: 4, Mihail Sadoveanu Str., Limanu, Constanta(just near Limanu Marina), Romania

Limanu Marina:

Address: 1, Marinei str, Limanu, Constanta, Romania

Eforie Marina

Address: Eforie Nord Beach,(just in front of Belona Hotel), Eforie Nord, Constanta, Romania

Turistic Harbour Mangalia

Address: 1, Harbour Str, Mangalia, Constanta, Romania

Turistic Harbour Tomis

Address: 1, Lebedei Str, Constanta, Romania


Package Options

Basic Package

Learn the concepts of sailing and race sailing from our professional coaches in two afternoon or evening sailing theoretical sessions(3 hours per session). Teams of 9-10 will learn the basics from an on-board coach 2-3 hours before the regattas, and after that they will start a 2 days races regatta. Regatta schedule: Friday - technical meeting, Saturday - training and costal race, Sunday - 2-3 inshore races and the Prize Giving Ceremony. Saturday night will be a Regatta Party with food and drinks on the house. All teams will get a perosnalised picture on board of the yacht they races with.

Schedule: to be anounced between May and September

Number of participants: 9-10

Price: 3500 euro per team(without VAT)

Equipment Package

Use a professional sailing equipment from the world leader Musto, that protects the team form the sun and that can be branded with your company logo and team name.

Schedule: at least two months before regatta

Equipment details (Pack 1): 20 pcs Musto Evolution Dynamic Lond Sleeve T-shirt, 10 Musto Essential Sailing Short Finger Gloves, 10 Musto Essential Fast Dry Crew Cap

Price: 1200 euro per package(branding not included)(price without VAT)

Equipment details (Pack 2): Pack (1) + 10 pcs Musto Evolution Performance UV Trousers or 10 Musto Evolution Pro Lite UV Fast Dry Short

Price: 2150 euro per package(branding not included)(price without VAT)

Others: *different colors available, to be discussed

Other Packages

For sponsorship of the regatta, upgrade to a pure racing boat, more or different Musto equipment, extra training days(onshore or onwater), company teambuiliding, extra participants at the Saturday Regatta Party or onboard other pleasure crafts, please contact us and we promis the perfect package for you.

Schedule: Determined together

Number of participants: unlimeted

Price: Determined upon consultation

Discover sailing on The Balck Sea and learn the ropes of what it takes to be a successful sailing team!


Valentin Oeru - is a passionate romanian racing sailor. Racing his Farr 40 - Sailboat as a skipper, he obtained a lot of good results at national and international level. The most recent performance is the winning of the national champion title in Romania IRC Class 2017. Together with his partner Ovidiu Drugan, he started several years ago, the biggest Yacht Charter company in Romania, Setsail. He is also a trainer at the SetSail Nautical School, the biggest Nautical School in Romania.

No prior sailing experience is necessary. It is a new sport for most of the participants and is a fun activity for everyone to learn together as a team. It is accessible to all levels of athleticism.

No, sailing is safe and you can always wear a comfortable life jacket.

Check the weather, and dress appropriately! Remember: it is always cooler on the lake, and there is a chance you will get wet. Rain or shine, we will sail!

  • Athletic shoes that can get wet or sandals with a heel strap (Crocs are great!)
  • Clothing that will dry quickly. Athletic shorts and a T-shirt work great. No jeans!
  • Light jacket or fleece depending on forecast
  • Hat, sunglasses

Depending on the marina where the event will be organised, the races will always starts 1-2 miles away from the port exit, and you will always race no more than 6 miles away from the shore.

Course materials will be sent electronically to your company a week prior to the scheduled event. We have a very short period of time in the classroom for the concepts to be taught. Reading the materials ahead of time will help get the basics out of the way and maximize time on the water.

If you are nervous about becoming sick, we recommend taking non-drowsy motion sickness medicine a couple hours before the event. A motorboat will always be available to take you to shore if you become ill.

Book now6


An event date will be set after the Romanian Yachting Federation, will provide the oficial racing program for the year 2018. The reservation is confirmed upon receiving a deposit of 50% of the invoice. The total invoice balance is due 7 days prior to the event. Any invoice balance not paid on time will be increased by a late charge at a rate of 12% per annum.

Season Schedule: 15 May – September 30 September

contact contact@corporatesailing.ro to discuss potential program dates

If a client notifies that they cannot take part in a certain event, cancellation fees will apply. Fees are based on the total invoiced cost of the event.

Data Received Cancellation Fee
61 or more days prior 25%
31-60 days prior 50%
Within 30 days of event 100%

A requested change in date within 30 days of the schedule date, for an similar event on the same year will be charged a 15% rebooking fee.

Weather Cancellations:

We will sail rain or shine but if the conditions are unsafe and are forecasted to remain unsafe, the organiser will cancel the event. Temporary halts to allow a storm cell to pass are more common than complete cancellations. the organiser and the port authorities are the sole determinant of event postponements due to weather. If an event is cancelled due to weather, clients will be granted a credit towards a rescheduled program with no rebooking fee.

There will be no damage deposit since a professional sailor will be on-board, but any damages produced because of improper use of the equipments(like broken windows or tables because of dancing on it or intentionally hitting and so on) will be charged after the event to the client.

Every participant must complete a liability waiver in order to participate in the event. Liability forms will be distributed via PDF before the vent and will be available onsite the day of the event.

All watersport activities contain an element of risk and it should be understood that each person participates at his/her own risk.

We make sure that our safety procedures are strictly adhered to because corporate sailing clients generally have very limited sailing experience. Before going out on the water, participants are briefed on all safety procedures and any dangers to watch for. All participants are required to wear lifejackets while onboard the sailboats.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited before and during all sailing activities.

Get in touch7

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Valentin Oeru

Program Director

Telephone: +40 746 40 40 46

Email: Vali@corporatesailing.ro

Andreea Matache

Onbase Manager

Telephone: +40 727 08 90 43

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